SlingGuard Luxury Dog Car Seat Cover/ Reversible Car Hammock

Original price was: $237.95.Current price is: $227.95.

The SLING GUARD Dog Car Seat Cover is designed to give your loveable pet a comfortable and safe ride while protecting the backseat of your car from hair, claw marks and dirt brought in by your pet. Created by an Australian company, this pet car seat cover has been designed for harsh Australian conditions, using only the best quality robust products to ensure comfort and durability, as well as the best car seat protection from pets possible.



What sets this car seat protector for dogs apart from the rest is the triple layer construction. Soft faux fur on one side to add luxury to your pets’ road trip experience, a waterproof padding in the middle, and on the reverse a heavy duty denier fabric that is 100% waterproof. Another great feature is it’s fully reversible, so when your pet is wet and muddy from a run at the park or beach, you can turn it over on the heavy duty side to provide extra protection against wear and tear.Cleaning and installation are very simple. Each side buckles around your headrests, and side flaps zip up to provide four-sided protection.  Any dirt can be vacuumed off with a dust buster or forget the hassle and throw it in your washing machine on the gentle cycle.


  • Designed to fit most cars and SUVs
  • Hammock style prevents your pet falling into the foot well or entering the front
  • Side flaps zip up to keep dogs from hanging out the window or scratching doors
  • Car seat and decal protection on all four sides
  • Easy to install – adjustable and secures easily to seats
  • Multiple configurations – back seat cover, pet hammock, single car seat basket and cargo boot liner
  • Three layer thick construction makes this cover ideal for large dogs
  • Luxury faux fur and padding helps to reduce dog’s anxiety
  • Easy to clean – damp cloth, vacuum or machine wash
  • Two seat belt openings allow easy access for harnesses to the seat belt clip
  • Stays firm in place
  • Repels water & dirt
  • Durable details – double stitched buckles and heavy duty zips
  • Comes with carry bag for easy storage and transport
  • One year warranty



  • Dimensions: L 130cm x W 135cm (excluding side flaps)
  • Materials: Faux fur and Waterproof denier fabric
  • Colour: Colour: Dark grey (top layer), light grey (bottom layer) and black (trim)