SlingGuard Luxury Front Seat Protector


Introducing the Luxury SLINGGUARD Front Seat Protector – designed so that small-medium sized dogs can travel safely in the front seat with their human parent (or in the back seat when required).


The Luxury SlingGuard Front Seat Protector.

Fully reversible, with hard sides (formed by slide-in inserts) and a cosy 3 layer interior, it makes everyone’s fur baby comfortable and relaxed. It comes with a FREE headrest car lead to ensure that when tethered to a harness, it can be set at the correct length so your best friend cannot reach the dashboard in the event of hard braking, or climb onto your lap while you are driving. It does NOT have a bungee because you do not want it extending – but instead keeps the perfect safety length. It can also be used in the back seat – there is a gap at the bottom of the side zips, and when they are undone the seat belt can go across and strap in (and then the zip done up again on top of it) to keep it stable and not allow it to slip around. In the front seat it has a strap that goes around the back of the seat for extra stability.

It is 100% waterproof, anti static so hair just wipes off by hand, and goes through the washing machine.

It can also be used as a luxury seat protector for yourself when not needed by your furry children. The side pieces get removed, the side zips undone and then the sides folded down so it fits over a front seat. The fur side is total luxury for yourself, and the opposite 100% waterproof side is great for people who are often wet eg surfers who don’t want to take off their wetsuits before returning home.